Emergency Before the Emergency Fund

Emergencies happen: be it financial or otherwise—hence the Emergency Fund. But in month one of emergency fund saving….a non-financial emergency hit my family.

While it didn’t have a huge impact on my budget, it did have an impact. I had to travel to my hometown, I had to pay for many meals out as most family was unable to cook, and I had to travel back home once in the middle of the week adding to gas expenses. Luckily, I had money set aside for a trip to a friend’s wedding that I was no longer able to attend. So overall, I had to only pull about $100 out of money that had been earmarked for emergency fund savings.

There was one positive: having a budget in place, meant I could spend within the parameters I set without added stress and worry. Before budgeting, I would have spent at will and added on the stress later (with a bit of guilt for not staying on track).

It definitely hit home how important an emergency fund is!


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