This is it

A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting in the vet’s office with my potentially sick dog, sick to my stomach with worry—not just for the pup—but if I had brought enough combinations of credit cards to cover any large bills. Actually, not even large bills…a couple hundred dollars.

When I left the vet that day (with luckily a false alarm), I knew that things had to change. I could no longer live paycheck to paycheck, credit card to credit card. After years of working in a profession with routine layoffs, I now have a steady job and needed to take advantage of that to get things right.

But doing my research led me to a big hole in the budgeting advice out there. Most are for families or at least a two person household. Being the only one in the house means I can’t fall back on a partner’s side hustle or skills. My dog is cute but not Instagram famous. Bulk shopping is a waste of money for most things. And if no one works this month…no one gets paid.

Knowing I’m not the only one out there probably with this issue, made me take the leap to creating this blog. I’m NO expert. I just thought I’d throw my journey to being more budget conscious and paying down debt out there in hopes of maybe finding other single folks in the same boat or who are looking for a fellow novice to commiserate with.

So hello!


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